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Magical Funen and its magical sea trout fishing

Magic Funen

With its approximately 1,100 km long coastline, the Funen Sea has the perfect conditions for sea trout fishing.

Regardless of wind, weather, and season, it is always possible to find a place where the chances of catching something are high and where the dream of finding a nice sea trout can become a reality.

That is why Funen is a unique and magical paradise for sea trout fishing.

Magic Fishing

Funen is known in large parts of the world for its fantastic sea trout fishing - and for a good reason. Since the 1990s, organizations have worked to improve the stock and the conditions for our sea trout stocks. This has resulted in sea trout making significant progress on Funen, and that fishing only has been enhanced over time.

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Words from satisfied fishermen

Nikolaj from Out Fishing was an absolutely fantastic guide. Very professional and with an impressive amount of knowledge! He was present during the entire trip and did it so well. A huge recommendation; it’s certainly not the last time that Nikolaj has brought me on a guided tour!

– Nana Madsen

I had two of my best days of fly fishing experience ever together with Nikolaj end of March 2023 on Funen!
Don't be mislead by his young age - he was one of the best guides I've ever had for fly fishing! He has an amazing knowledge about fly fishing, the marine wildlife of Funen and knows the spots where you have to be to find the seatrouts depending on the weather conditions and tide!
We have been on so many amazing spots, you wouldn't find on your own, far away from the good known "hot spots", where you often have to share the water with all the other fisherman at this time on Funen.
For sure I will travel to Funen again for fly fishing on seatrout and will definitely book Nikolaj again as my guide!
He is highly recommended by me!
Thanks again for the amazing days Nikolaj!

– Klaus Giesecke

I have been on several trips with Nikolaj - one-on-one and with friends. It has been with great success each time. He always manages to customize the day so that it matches everyone’s temper and fishing style. And then he is a shark at finding the fish - every trip has resulted in a catch! After each trip, I’ve left with more knowledge and new fishing spots than before. I can recommend a trip in waders with Nikolaj.

– Carl Mikkelsen

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