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What do we offer?

Professional guidance

We offer guided tours by professional guides.

You will always be taught and receive instructions from a guide with several years of experience on the water and knowledge of your safety.

Our guides always have their finger on the pulse and know exactly where to look for the sea trout.

Our focus is on you

With us, you are always in focus.

It means everything to us that you leave our tours with a good and educational experience that helps you in your fishing and that you always will be able to look back on.

Local knowledge

Local knowledge is a crucial element of any fishing guide.

It is local knowledge that makes it possible to find and catch fish. At Out Fishing, our guides have several years of experience and local knowledge that benefits you.

An experience of a lifetime

A fishing trip you won’t forget.

When leaving our guided tour, you should go with an experience of a lifetime and a lot of helpful knowledge. It is our goal that you take this experience and knowledge with you into your fishing so that you can be successful on the water yourself.


4 hours

Half day

2495 DKK

The price includes up to 4 persons per guide.

8 hours

Whole day

3495 DKK

The price includes up to 4 persons per guide.

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