Brutal pikes in early summer

Lots of action!

Released by: Nikolaj Andersen - Certified Danish Fishing Guide

Date: June 12, 2023

It's been a long time since I've been on a real pike trip. One of those trips where the fishing goes crazy and the pike just go nuts. When my mate, Carl, and I were allowed to fish in a private closed lake, there was no doubt - we just had to go and it couldn't be too slow!

The lake we fished in is privately owned and the fishing is therefore not under particularly heavy fishing pressure. It can contribute to the fish feeling better and can therefore grow to nicer sizes. So when we were finally allowed, we could hardly get our arms down with joy.

The day came and we packed the car and drove off towards the lake. When we arrived we rigged up our gear and headed down to the lake. It didn't take long before we had the first bite from a nice pike, and the fishing just continued in top class.

Carl Marten fanger en stor gedde på flue

...and the fishing just continued in top class.

Fishing was king. We had a lot of different fish up and down, but also lost a lot when we fished with barbless hooks to protect the fish.

As we got past midday and the weather started to get warmer and warmer, the fish started to move towards the deeper water and became hard to get to bite. In fact, we almost felt that it was becoming impossible. We therefore decided to take a break before fishing again. This break proved to be important, as the fish were then willing to play along again.

Nikolaj Andersen Fanger en pæn gedde

First fish on fly - ever!

My friend is a spinning fisherman and therefore fished with bombarda and fly. A toxic combination in the pike lake. But when he suddenly said to me "let me try that fly rod there", I was a bit shocked, as he has never cast before and these are pretty big hooks that are on such pike flies. But if nothing else, he was allowed.

He took a few throws and it actually went really well. I introduced him to fly casting a bit, and after only 4 casts, he had a really nice pike after the fly. He rushed to make one more throw... and SLAM! Then the pike slashed brutally again. A wild fight ensued and he could hardly get his arms down after hooking his first ever fish on fly. I stood proudly on the sidelines and was fully up and running myself. A fantastic experience when the fish landed in the net.

Kæmpe gedde fanget i en geddesø

Remember to take care of them!

The fish have just started spawning and are therefore a bit thin and damaged. But are also hungry on top of such a round. Therefore, we treat the pike with respect and tenderness, so as not to harm them.

Watch the video

During the entire fishing day, we filmed and documented what happened. Watch the entire video below and have a good laugh for the day!

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